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i’m sorry but i’ve been laughing at this for about an hour

i don’t see the humour in it. those scenes were sickening.

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hi larry, hi justin


y’all wouldn’t have this problem if you had a mac. just sayin’.

i had the most perculiar dream in my jet lagged haze. i had a crush on a boy. but the boy was in fact a fox.


browse this album. i'm selling my clothes for a dime for the move to the uk.

myself, joan & co give sydney one last mack before i leave for london on sunday.



In two weeks, on august the first, i fly out from Sydney airport, destination Heathrow, London (if i make it through the grueling 24 hour flight, that last time left me begging to stay behind in our stop over, Dubai, while the rest go on without me). i’m moving to the united kingdom, and considering the ridiculous 20kg suitcase standards, i have to leave so much behind. so, without jumping on the bandwagon, i’m putting my collection up for sale. half of the stuff i’ve never worn before as it is, it seems a pity to throw it out to the charity boxes where i’ll one day return to see the derro scabbing a fag out the front of bay village wearing my pink blazer —- wait…?

Mon chéri; Cherna (seen above in leopard fluff jacket) came over yesterday, & treating her like the little sister i never had (against her will), i drapped her in a few of my garments. time was against us, and the sun set shortly before being able to do a lot of snapping (with my brother’s shitty point & shoot, mind you, as my baby nikon was stolen a few months back). so, being pedantic, rather than deal with horrid lighting & colours not even photoshop could perform miracles on from the flood light purchased at yours truly Bunnings handy store, i’ve decided to post pone the snapshots of the garnments up for hock for saturday, when i’m next granted delicate daylight (oh 9-5, you be so cruel, you be so cruel), so i can better do them justice.

Will be cheap cheap cheap. Watch this spot for next week, and help a gurl out for a bit of extra cash for London town.


Nadja Auermann - Vogue Germany by Mario Testino, June 2008

Berlin is where i want to be.